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A budgerigar being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

Balladeer writes:

Recently my friend acquired a budgerigar, named Amigo.

The second photograph I saw of said budgie was this:


Crammed himself into his feeder. An Australian species of parrot, wearing the green-and-gold, with David Warner’s intelligence. Could you get more of an obvious Australian fan?

I asked my friend to provide a picture of the budgie’s reaction to some Aussie cricketing news, to prove it.


Results so far are inconclusive.

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Two dogs being conspicuously indifferent to cricket

Dandy Dan writes:

These are my two labs, George and Rufus.

George and Rufus

They’re just over one year old. I’ve been meaning to introduce them for a while but I’ve been busy.

Anyway, their thoughts about Gary Ballance being dropped are difficult to ascertain.

Loss of Ballance

They simply don’t appear to be interested.

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StraussCat being conspicuously indifferent to Graeme Smith’s retirement

Lemon Bella writes:

As is customary at times like this, cricketing greats of the past must come out of the woodwork to pass opinion on the breaking news of the day. Therefore I found it necessary to consult StraussCat regarding the retirement of Graeme Smith.

He wasn’t particularly interested when I told him the news, but his indifference reached a peak when I showed him all my match tickets from the summer Indian Skimmer and I spent following Graeme Smith around England.

Possibly a hint of distaste?

Look! There’s even a South African lanyard he could have played with, but he chose to ignore it.

He got up and walked away when I told him that the Test match ticket was for the day before Graeme scored his awesome 154 to win the series.

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Mandy being conspicuously indifferent to King Cricket

Ed writes:

Please find attached a picture that seems to tick all the boxes. Found it while going through some old pictures yesterday.

Oh Mandy

The kitten was called Mandy and is sadly no longer with us.

Monty’s unacceptable urination

You may remember our cat, Monty. Here he is being conspicuously indifferent to cricket a few years back. He’s actually sitting on the cricket pages, the heathen.

Monty cannot read with his arse

What you might not know about Monty is that he likes to piss on things. On one memorable occasion, he walked into the living room, caught our eye and urinated on the DVD player, holding our gaze as he did so. Unsurprisingly, Monty has been kicked out more than once for his urinary transgressions.

His namesake, Mr Panesar, does things rather differently. He gets kicked out first before turning to urination as a means of protest. Apparently, after being slat out of a Brighton nightclub on Sunday night, Panesar went up on the promenade and micturated down on the bouncers of said establishment as they stood below him.

Presumably he was marking his territory in some way. We’ve examined that notion further over at Cricinfo.

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