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Mop-up of the day – two very different retirements

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The first is the unflappable maestro, Mahela Jayawardene, who is giving up the five-day game. Fun fact, stats nerds: his first innings hundred in the ongoing Test against South Africa has tipped his average over 50. He’s actually got another series after this one yet though, so don’t get too excited.

At the other end of the spectrum, the angriest county stalwart there’s ever been, Steve Kirby, has called it a jeffing day. We’ve written about him in our latest Shire Horse thing over at All Out Cricket.

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Mop-up of the day – an overreaction checklist

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We’ve produced a valuable guide just in case any England fans aren’t overreacting sufficiently. It can be found over at Cricinfo. Tick all the boxes and you too can call yourself a true England supporter.

Andy Caddick’s ears

Sam was greatly disappointed that they didn’t get a mention in another recent Cricinfo piece of ours which focused on the 2000 Test series between England and the West Indies. The article’s about hope really.

The Kingdom conquers

The Kingdom, this website’s mini-league in the All Out Cricket fantasy league, is supplying the first and seventh ranked sides in the whole competition. Balladeer’s Bhangra-Morris Fusion side have danced their way to the top spot, while Patrick’s p = mv are seventh.

We feel this reflects on us well, but as we said in the comments section yesterday, we can do better. Come on, everyone! Accurately predict cricket within the fantasy game’s defined parameters!

Cryptic crossword news

Those of you who read all of the comments will have known about the above. Those of you who receive the email and never actually read the comments, you’re missing out – they’re the best bit.

For example, you also missed a link to Bert’s Tour de France cryptic crossword. It’s nothing to do with cricket, but we know quite a lot of people who read this site enjoy his efforts and so thought we should draw attention to it.

Sri Lanka v South Africa

Dale Steyn’s class, isn’t he? We were worried he was on the wane a bit, but after taking 9-99 in the first Test, he’s doing it again in the second. Or at least he was at the time of writing. Those Sri Lankan pitches, hey? They’re no place for quick bowlers.

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Great insight about Ishant Sharma gleaned from having spent a day watching him bowl

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We were at the Test yesterday. It was… steady. Or at least it was until Stuart Broad came in.

The main thing we gleaned from our side-on vantage point is that Ishant Sharma has two different running styles during his approach to the crease. First, he jogs normally. Then, halfway through his run-up, with no discernible change in speed, he suddenly starts kicking his arse with his heels. We’ve no idea why.


We did a thing for Cricinfo about Alastair Cook being a weary middle manager. We just get a sense that things are getting fractious at home.

For All Out Cricket, we wrote that Alex Hales is scoring too quickly and people commenting on their Facebook page completely missed the point.

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Before we get into England v India

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Can we just remind you that we also write a Tour de France website. The race starts tomorrow and the first three days promise to be ‘a big deal’ because they’re in the UK. Stage two on Sunday is the one we’re most looking forward to, but we’ll be covering the whole race.

Unsurprisingly, it’s not a particularly serious website and we try and write for more casual followers of the race as well as those who are a bit more into it. We’re not looking to get all evangelical about bike racing, but if you’ve an idle interest, hopefully you’ll get more out of the Tour if you follow it with us. Or maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll just get completely sick of us.

If you’re at all interested, please sign up for the email. The email only contains the most recent post, so you don’t need to do this, but it makes life easier because it means the articles come to you. Plus there’s great swathes of downtime on that site because we rarely feel it necessary to report on Zellik–Galmaarden or the Tour of Limburg. Being signed up to the email therefore means you won’t completely forget about us.

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The cult of digging in

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Over the weekend, Cricinfo published an article of ours about the English hatred of ‘giving it away’ and how it gives rise to a way of batting which is fundamentally unproductive.

It’s called Why so passive, England? and it’s another angle on the whole proactive batting thing we’ve been so obsessed with recently. Don’t worry, we think we’ve got it out of our system now. We’ll go back to doing whatever it is that we normally do now.

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Performing away from home

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A bit of housekeeping. We’ve had some of our articles published on other websites.

First up, The Shire Horse, our fortnightly thing for All Out Cricket. This week’s edition makes fun of some things that England players have said, has a bit about Lancashire’s batting and then there are the regular segments ‘Collapse of the Week’ and ‘Dot of the Week’.

We also didn’t get round to linking to the previous instalment. It makes fun of some things that England players have said, has a bit about Lancashire’s batting and includes the regular segments ‘Collapse of the Week’ and ‘Dot of the Week’. Never let it be said that we don’t plough a furrow.

Over at Cricinfo, we’re looking at England’s new era and pointing out that eras don’t actually have to be good.

Finally, Cricket Badger went out today. You’ve missed this week’s, so sign up now in time to receive next week’s. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on what critics are calling ‘an email’.

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At least two theories and several collapses

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That’s what you can expect from our latest knock for All Out Cricket.

In the preamble, All Out Cricket have accused us of having a ‘beady eye’ which is pretty much libel – we have two beady eyes and we make use of both of them.

We’ve decided not to take this to court because they could quite easily change it to ‘Alex Bowden takes a sideways look at cricket’ if they were to lose the case.

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We’re a bit disappointed if we’re honest

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We honestly thought that someone would have left some sort of tirade in the comments section of our latest article for Cricinfo, but alas, it’s mostly just confusion. We demand a tirade!

Fortunately, on Twitter someone said: “hey u never always boss nd god sachin” which might be a tirade.

Someone else said: “who is alex bow nvr heard????” after earlier saying: “And wiz team better dan english team currently sure ne school cricket team of world…..haha”

We guess we’ll have to settle for that.


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The Shire Horse

Bowled on 16th May, 2014 at 11:19 by
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We’ve another thing. It’s a fortnightly column for All Out Cricket called The Shire Horse. It’s non-serious, so you don’t have to sigh and roll your eyes at our making an attempt to ‘say something’.

We hope you’re okay with the fact that we’re increasingly linking to stuff we’ve written elsewhere. It seems to make sense to do that for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you, the reader, don’t miss owt that we’ve done; and secondly, as we’ve said before, we only have a limited number of things to say.

This site’s the centre of what we do, so it can serve as a kind of hub. We’ll link to what we do for other people and when there’s nowt appearing elsewhere, there’ll be summat here, same as ever.

On this subject, we’ve also got a thing in this month’s issue of The Cricketer about how to identify when your team’s turned shit. That’s on paper though, so no link.

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Matt Prior’s reduced weight jogging

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“I believe it’s jogging – or yogging. It might be a soft J, I’m not sure. But apparently you just run for an extended period of time.”

Cricinfo today. We’ve written about anti-gravity for them. They seemed okay with that.

Needless to say, Graham Gooch’s moustache gets a mention as well. That bit’s not gravity-related though.

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