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Jos Buttler wearing an ice bra

We think that’s what it is. Or maybe it’s just a conventional sports bra and therefore entirely normal.


The image comes from an ECB video that’s largely about how hot it is in the UAE. Jos appears shortly after Mark Wood has said: “We’ve had lads grabbing ice and putting them in strange places.”

We like that ice is a ‘them’ to Wood.

All those ices. So many ices. Maybe he considers them people.

Mark Wood and Steve and Ben Harmison play cricket together

In their normal clothes.


The video this image is taken from is the very definition of ‘intensity’.

Brace yourselves for some electrifying cricket before clicking the link.

Mark Wood and Steve and Ben Harmison have all joined Ashington Leisure Centre

Here’s a picture of them brandishing their membership cards whilst wearing their normal clothes.


It’s like they always say in Ashington: ‘No matter what you’re doing, always remain visible while protecting your head, hands and eyes.’

They have some damn catchy slogans up in Ashington.

Tino Best cups his balls in his left hand

Head back, eyes closes - what's he thinking?

A ‘balls’ joke.

You can tell we’re on holiday.

Watch the bail, Ricky

As most of you know, this site uses pictures taken by Sarah Ansell. While perusing her site last week, we found this beauty:

Ricky Ponting watches the bail

We like the way the ball is behind his head.

As a batsman, it’s never good to have the ball behind your head. This is never more true than when it has arrived there via the stumps.

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