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Jake Lehmann signs for Yorkshire – all you need to know about Son of Boof (+ video)

Jake Lehmann

There was a brief period when Jake Lehmann’s T20 record was nothing but hitting a six to win a match. His first ever innings for Adelaide Strikers coincided with the last ball against Hobart Hurricanes. He needed to hit a four. He hit a six, which was also acceptable.

Lehmann is well regarded as a batsman and will be more than welcome at Yorkshire being as he’s the son of their greatest-ever overseas pro. As far as the rest of us are concerned, Lehmann’s ludicrous moustache and foppish floppy hair are far and away his most important qualities.

Lehmann replaces Travis Head whose comedy attributes are largely limited to nomenclature.

This news also gives us a semi-credible reason to publish this picture of a teenage Darren Lehmann.

Darren Lehmann

Taken from this video of his first first-class hundred (which was a double).

Who is Darren Lehmann and why is he called Boof?

Sometimes it can seem like not a year goes by without the number of people on Earth who are younger than us growing. As sickening as it might be, we have to accept that there may be upwards of one person reading this website who isn’t old enough to remember Darren Lehmann’s playing career.

Fortunately, one of the great things about writing a cricket website year after year to no discernible effect is that you end up with a stockpile of existing material to which you can refer at times like this.

We always thought Darren Lehmann was magic as a cricketer. Sometimes this led to weird, overly-enthusiastic bits of writing, like this thing we wrote after we had a dream about him.

At other times, we have tried to make sense. Here’s what we wrote when he was about to retire. Because of when it was written, that post omits the fact that in addition to scoring a triple hundred in his final match for Yorkshire, he also made a hundred in a record run-chase in his final one-day innings for South Australia before making another hundred in his final first-class match for them.

Other Darren Lehmann facts include that he once did some racism and that his nickname is ‘Boof’. If you’re wondering as to the origins of this nickname, it’s due to his uncanny resemblance to cult actress and Nineties video game TV programme presenter, Emily ‘Bouff’ Booth.

Darren Lehmann knows how to say goodbye

We said that Darren Lehmann’s final match would be worth watching.

Earlier this week, in his final one-day game, Lehmann played the lead role in a record run-chase in Australian domestic one-day cricket. He hit 126 not out off 104 balls as South Australia overhauled Western Australia’s 305. We could add the video, or we could just link to it at The Corridor.

Now, in his final first-class match, he’s done it again. Western Australia were all out for 236 (Jason Gillespie taking 7-58) and South Australia would have gone the same way but for our hero. His innings of 167 represented a sizable chunk of 397 all out and he did it off just 185 balls – entertaining to the last.

Who’ll be our favourite fat, bald cricketer now? We don’t know.

Darren Lehmann retires

Darren Lehmann was twice the batsman Mike Hussey is. That’s not a fat joke, nor is it meant as a put-down for Hussey, who we rate very highly – it’s just that Darren Lehmann was magic.

Some players have a really good season where they stand head and shoulders above everyone else. A lot of players manage to live off such a season for the rest of their careers. Darren Lehmann stood head and shoulders above everyone else, every season, for about 20 years. He was outrageously superior for an astonishing length of time.

He hit 3,000 one-day international runs, won two World Cups, averaged 45 in a 27 Test career and finishes as the top run-scorer of all time in Australian domestic cricket, but still he didn’t get as much success as he ought to have done.

He was unfortunate to find himself competing with Steve and Mark Waugh for Test batting spots, but we’re not sure they were his betters. Their reputations were largely forged in Test cricket and we suspect Lehmann would have fared just as well give more of a chance, but we’ll never know.

To watch Lehmann bat was to watch someone totally in command of their own game and the confidence that brought allowed him to deal with any match situation. In his final season playing for Yorkshire, he rose to the occasion in all the big games. Or at least he appeared to. In reality he was on top form from first to last – you can’t raise your game when you’re already at the summit.

In three Roses matches against Lancashire, traditionally Yorkshire’s biggest fixtures, Lehmann hit a hundred in each of the first-class games and a mere 92 in a one-day game (off 69 balls). In a match against Kent, Lehmann came to the crease at 34-4 and promptly hit 193. In the return fixture he hit 172 out of Yorkshire’s total of 310. The next highest scorer was Anthony McGrath with 41.

This is all in one season. Oh no, wait – there’s more. In the final match of the season, his final match for Yorkshire, with the whole county desperate for him to get a hundred, he did. In fact once he passed 100, he felt okay, so he got another. And another. His final innings for Yorkshire was 339. He’d hit three sixes and 52 fours.

So when he turns out for South Australia on Friday in the Pura Cup, it might be worth keeping an eye on him. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place, but lightning has nothing to do with scoring runs in first-class cricket. So far Darren Lehmann’s proved that you can score a first-class run 25,628 times.

The man’s a machine. A big, bald, lardy, run-scoring machine.

Darren Lehmann posts from the past – some are quite good. We like the one where we say: “How much more better could he be? The answer, of course, is ‘none’. None more better…”

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