The worst first-class county cricket team

We rarely feel moved by events in the second division, but it’s hard not to feel a twinge of excitement at the prospect of Northamptonshire and Leicestershire playing out a draw next season to extend their respective winless streaks.

We’ve reported on both of these clubs in our latest Shire Horse column for All Out Cricket – plus some other stuff.

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10 Appeals


    That’s the Middlesex difference. Good to see Sam Robson putting in the hard yards, too.

  2. on an unrelated news MS Dhoni does an Oliver twist and makes an uncompromising stand on his favorite food (Hyderabad Biryani), by walking out of a 5-star hotel which dis-allowed home cooked food to be served in Hotel’s conference room

  3. In your faces, losers! All three (count ’em!) Second XI trophies!

    And major signings!

    See, nobody was able to coax Matt Boyce away.

    *Sobs into beer*

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