You’ve found King Cricket’s Edge (an occasional email newsletter)

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The Edge is a not-at-all serious cricket email produced by Alex Bowden and Edward Craig.

It started out in life as The Wisden Cricketer Newsletter in 2009 and has since been The Cricketer Newsletter, Cricket Badger, Wisden Cricket Weekly and The Edge sponsored by Cricket 365.

Things you can expect to find in The Edge:

  • Quotes from famous cricketers presented completely out of context for supposedly comic effect
  • “Unit Watch” where we monitor players’ now meaningless use of the word “unit”
  • Sightings of cricketers doing incredibly mundane things
  • Some other stuff

Here’s the first Edge we sent out.

At the minute, The Edge is without a sponsor and therefore not a regular thing. There’s a provisional plan to wheel it out weekly during big tournaments.

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