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Geoff Boycott to star in Triffids remake

Here’s a moment from the final scene when Geoff finds himself surrounded by a gang of maize.

Boycott in the maize

Okay, we’ll admit that’s a lie. Boycott’s Triffids film is being kept closely under wraps and they would never give away crucial plot information like this.

The photo is actually from a press release we received last July about York maze. We’ve only just got round to reporting on it because, well, you know, that’s just how we do things round here.

Obviously you’ve missed it now, but it seems that in 2014 they made a big old Geoff face maize maze.

Here it is.

Boycott aerial

And here’s a picture of Geoff with his two best friends shortly after tackling the maze. These are genuinely his best friends and it’s entirely coincidence that they both happen to be maize.

Geoff Boycott with Sweetie and Kernel

Join us tomorrow for something.

Testing on cricketers

Animal testing facilities have recently taken to using cricketers in place of guinea pigs, mice and the like.

Where's your helmet Matt?

They make them joust and then the loser gets his leg taken off.

Don’t ask why.

Warney finds the ball

“Here it is!”

I think Brad Hodge might be in there too

“It was tucked between two of my rolls of flab.”

Everyone suddenly becomes aware that the stumps are liable to explode

No-one was quite sure what it was, but everyone agreed that it was very clear that the stumps suddenly seemed like they were going to explode.

Was it a ticking sound that tipped them off?

Billy Bowden backed away. Monty Panesar attempted to protect himself with his oversized hands and AB de Villiers just threw himself to the ground.

Always watch the ball

On no account stand six feet away from the stumps and watch the blimp instead.

Ooh - look at that

Canny bowlers will take advantage.

Andrew Strauss miscomprehends Law 41.3

The batting side only gets five penalty runs added to their total when the ball hits a helmet belonging to the fielding side.

There is, quite simply, NO WAY that this is a bad idea

You can’t just repeatedly play the ball into your own face and hope to win a match.

Ian Bell attempts to grow a beard

Sam writes:

“Here is a picture of Ian Bell attempting to grow a little beard.

Ian Bell looking like a goddamn druid ora hippy or something

“Look at the concentration on his face. It’s dedication like this that shows just how far English cricket has come.”

We asked Sam if he had a beard. Sam never got back to us about that.

Stanford 20/20 gimmicks

It was only a matter of time before they introduce BIGGER and therefore BETTER balls.

Richie Richardson again falls foul of his glue hands

But the Miami Vice style attire? That’s a step too far.

India practice ‘clown tactics’

“So I curl up behind him like this and then you give him a shove.”

Neither of these men are actual clowns

India’s clown tactics were all well and good in theory, but when it came to carrying them out with an actual batsman present, everyone got confused and Sourav Ganguly ended up with a black eye.

Andrew Flintoff unveils his big surprise

Actually, is it hovering?


Brilliant, Fred. It’s a cricket ball. We’ve all seen a cricket ball before.

What’s next in your box of tricks? A bat? A box?

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