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Unless otherwise stated, everything here is written by Alex Bowden, a man who is going to switch to the first person singular for the remainder of this page to stop it being weird.

Cricket writing

Beyond King Cricket, you will mostly find me at Cricket 365. They also sponsor the weekly email we send out from this site.

Other than that, I can sometimes be found at Wisden.com, and ESPNCricinfo. I also write occasional pieces for The Nightwatchman, Wisden’s quarterly publication.

I have, at one time or another, worked for most incarnations of the various UK cricket magazines. I daresay some of what I did was absolute gold, but it can’t be found online any more, so you’ll just have to trust me on that.

I also wrote a daily column for the Mumbai Mirror throughout the 2015 World Cup. That stuff can be found online (and I’m pretty proud of it), but I’m not linking to it because most of the pieces are accompanied by a large and slightly weird photo of me that I’d sooner you didn’t see.

I appeared on Andy Zaltzman’s World Cricket Podcast a handful of times. I’ve no idea how those performances stand up because I haven’t listened to them in years because even the thought of hearing myself doing such a thing kind of makes me squirm.

Most importantly of all, there’s here – King Cricket. Subscribe to the daily email to get all posts sent to your inbox. The email goes out whenever I write something and there are incredibly good reasons for becoming a recipient.


I write a pro cycling site, covering the Tour de France, the other two Grand Tours and major one-day and stage races.

I also do a few shifts covering cycling news for road.cc.

Pop culture

When I have time, I write fun features about film and TV for SyFy (yes, fun – this is actually quite rare in the surprisingly earnest world of pop culture journalism).

I’ve a pop culture Twitter account too, which is where I’ll flag stuff I’ve written for anyone else. You should definitely follow me.

Third-party approval for this website

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  1. I know you feel as strongly as Durham fans at the harsh treatment doled out to Durham CCC by ECB as punishment for their financial difficulties. Did you know that the fans have started a fight-back by launching an online petition addressed to Colin Graves? Cricket followers can read the full text if they visit Change.org and search “ditch the Durham penalty points”. They can also read the often pithy comments by those who have already signed up. Hope you can shine the light of publicity on our efforts. Thanks for listening.

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