A Spartan cricket bat in a UK politics documentary

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Sam writes…

A Tuesday evening, BBC Two, post-watershed. A moody black-and-white picture of a solemn-looking Johnson.

Fear not, smutty-minded readers, I shall not continue any further down this road.

I speak, of course, about Laura Kuenssberg’s comprehensive documentary on the slow motion car crash which is the UK’s modern political system.

As you can see, the clown/maverick (delete as appropriate) at the centre of it all has a Spartan bat propped against a wall in his office.

Upon further inspection, the axe appears to be in decent nick. Markings near the sweet spot suggest it has been recently used, perhaps on a disobedient civil servant’s calves, or to pop open a champagne bottle at another ‘Wine Time Friday’ Downing Street gathering.

The rubber on the handle seems to be three different colours, perhaps reflecting BoJo’s propensity to change his views according to the wind of public opinion. He plays to the left, he plays to the right, that Boris Johnson, his political leadership is etc and so on.

(That’s enough satire for now – Ed.)

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  1. Why does the rubber on the handle seem to be three different colours to you, Sam? To me, it looks like a great many shades of grey – possibly as many as 50. Fear not, smutty-minded readers, I shall not continue any further down this road.

    This wonderful yet “noir” piece by Sam is an almost perfect contrast with the impending “cricket bat in an unusual piece” that I submitted relatively recently. Mine has colour, mine has motion, mine has music, mine has a bloke with infeasible facial hair.

    But for a grey Monday in March, Sam’s noir is à la mode.

  2. That’s a Chris Gayle model. Looks like Johnson decided he wasn’t happy with his childhood ambition of “World King” anymore, he wanted an upgrade to “Universe Boss”.

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