A cricket book in an unusual place

You’d all forgotten about our feature ‘cricket bats/stuff in unusual places’ – UNTIL NOW!

Ged sent us this:

Mike Atherton does write a delicious tome

Send your pictures of cricket bats and other cricket stuff in unusual places to king@kingcricket.co.uk

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9 Appeals

  1. Is that a gator or a croc?

  2. Fulsome congratulations, Ged. The structural strength of the cantilevered sections is inspiring, as is the fineness of the tapers. Truly this website plumbs new heights.

    Can I ask, does the installation remain extant? In the Tait Modern, maybe? Also, during the construction phase what did the Ged household use to dry themselves after a relaxing bath?

  3. I dunno bert, that looks like a holiday photo to me.

  4. what are the 2 blue tablets for?

  5. Good spot, Dandy Dan.

    That picture was taken while Daisy and I were on holiday in Egypt the other week. I guess that location makes it more probably a croc than a gator, Deep Cower.

    I really like the idea of Shaun Tait endowing a gallery to be known as the Tait Modern, Bert.

    Once the Tait Modern is formally opened, I shall return to Hurghada and engage the towel artist to recreate the piece as a permanent installation for that gallery: “I’d like another of those towelling crocodiles please, Ahmed, and make it snappy”.

    • Yeh, well I meant that – The Tait Modern, in Brisbane I think. He opened it in cooperation with former Wisden editor Tim de Lisle.

      But more distressingly, there we all were admiring your skill with towels, when all along you were passing off someone else’s work as your own. I know that you didn’t actually say or even imply that it was your construction anywhere in the original article, but that’s what I (and therefore everyone else) thought, and you didn’t specifically say otherwise, which makes you a cheating liar. You’ll be telling us next that you aren’t even Michael Atherton and you didn’t write that book or lead England through a decade of abject humiliation.

  6. Glorious.

    I was beginning to think this website had forgotten its true purpose.

  7. This website has a purpose?

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