Cricket bats that seem like they’re in unusual places

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We should really have clarified this at the outset. We’d like you to send us pictures of real, actual, tangible cricket bats (or other cricket items) that are genuinely in unusual places. Send your pictures to

Kate and Tom sent us this:

It's like he's their leader

We have rather a soft spot for penguins and for the chap depicted with them, but we have a strong suspicion that this image may be doctored in some way.

We put this to Kate and Tom and they said: “We took this from our North Pole cruise ship last year. We were as surprised as anyone.”

We also got this from Ceci:

Tennis ball cricket is cricket in its purest form

Ceci didn’t even try and claim that this was real.

These shall be the only fraudulent submissions for this feature. May they stand as a warning to you (in a way that is not entirely clear).


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Unusual technique on display from Murray there, but it’s something to work with. What’s his availability like for the Ashes, I wonder?

  2. Damn big penguins.

    The ice caps aren’t melting, they’re being shattered by 200kg sphenisciformes.

  3. Murray looks like he’s just played a cracking cut shot behind square. If it’s short and wide, he’ll dispatch it.

    Wonder what he’s like on the drive?

  4. My thoughts exactly, Suave. You are clearly someone who has stood and watched from the non-striker’s end as someone who can actually bat cuts behind square. It was always my favourite shot to watch from the non-striker’s end, because there was a good chance it would go for four and I could stay at the non-striker’s end.

    That’s what all other sports are missing – a non-striker’s end, from where you can be “playing” the game without actually doing anything at all.

  5. Doesn’t he play that sport that’s so unsophisticated they can have a half-way line across the pitch without it ruining everything?

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