The 2013 Ridiculous Ashes

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We do a podcast with Dan Liebke in which we revisit the funnier moments of historic Ashes series. It’s called The Ridiculous Ashes and the latest series, focusing on England’s memorable 2013 win, is now underway. Have a listen! (Or don’t, if you’re busy. It’s not going to be significantly life-changing or anything.)

The 2013 Ashes is of course not to be confused with the 2013/14 series, which we’ve already done. This is the one in England that began with Stuart Broad not walking and Australia’s surprise spin pick launching a load of Agar bombs after coming in at number 11.

Those events are pretty central to episode one, which our Patreon backers may already have heard after we gave them early access to it a couple of months back. It’s got Pat Cummins, Australia Test captain, in it too, having his say on the ridiculousness of the match.

Pat Actual Cummins.

We’ll add embeds of all the episodes further down the page, as and when they go live.

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Here are links to previous series of the Ridiculous Ashes.

Episode 1

First up, it’s Trent Bridge for a showdown between two of the most ridiculous moments in Ashes history – Ashton Agar’s 98 and Stuart Broad not walking. A colossal match-up so absurd we need Pat Cummins to drop in and help us sort it out. Which he does.

Episode 2

Lord’s next for the birth of Root Maths, Graeme Swann instigating the ‘worst piece of cricket in Test history’ and decisions that suck ass #bullshit.

Episode 3

Alex and Dan zoom up to Old Trafford for the third Test of the 2013 Ridiculous Ashes, where they celebrate the return of David Warner, Alastair Cook’s easy listening captaincy, belated time Snicko and Stuart Broad walking.

Episode 4

Alex and Dan are off to Chester-le-Street for the fourth Test of the 2013 Ridiculous Ashes, which features discussions on the baggilessness of Australian helmets, Jonathan Trott’s sideways wicket celebration and the Summer of Bell.

Episode 5

The 2013 Ridiculous Ashes concludes with the final Test at The Oval, which gives Alex and Dan plenty of things to muse upon, including the one-Test wonderment of Simon Kerrigan and James Faulkner, the gruesome birth of Steve Smith as we now know him and Chekhov’s light meter.

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  1. Or don’t, if you’re busy. It’s not going to be significantly life-changing or anything.

    How do you know? From the myriad possibilities, the infinite twists and turns of causality, how do you know that listening to this podcast won’t be life changing? As I write this, a small plane has just crashed onto the shed I was intending to go to, and I haven’t even listened to it yet. From my window I can see a large boulder that is delicately balanced on an outcrop. The breeze is picking up – should I go and have a closer look, or listen to the podcast?

    There’s a locked box in my office that says “Caution, Poison-Laced Podcast-Related Radioactive Decay Detector” on the lid. I thought I could hear some meowing from inside yesterday, but today it is silent. Any thoughts?

    1. Honestly think things will pan out much the same whichever of those options you take.

      Things have a tendency to work themselves out, which is why everything is so uniformly excellent for absolutely everybody in the world.

  2. Bert is quite right, KC. I listened to the podcast weeks ago and it is quite possible that my life would have turned out very differently (or ended) in the interim had I done something else instead.

    Don’t mess with chaos & complexity, KC, they can metaphorically bite you on the bum.

    1. That’s a harrowing tale, Ged. You were very lucky. It must have put everything into perspective, made you appreciate what you’ve got. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.

  3. Just listened, a great episode for a classic match. I had no recollection that the Agar innings and the Broad edge were actually in the same match, truly epic ridiculousness.

  4. I have now written up the 2013 second test in an Ogblog stylee – which is primarily links to my contemporaneous King Cricket match report and the additional resources KC has now provided, including the ridiculous podcast.

    I cannot quite get over the scale of my bumper Lord’s Day two picnic, which was just for me and Daisy, only nine years ago. We take a fraction of that quantity with us to a match these days.

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