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2019 Ashes Worst XI – who gets into our composite team?

David Warner (via ECB YouTube)

Never mind all those Ashes Best XIs. Who would get into the far more hotly-contested 2019 Ashes Worst XI?

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The 2019 Ridiculous Ashes was a great Ridiculous Ashes, the 2019 Ridiculous Ashes was a ridiculous Ridiculous Ashes

Steve Smith (via ECB YouTube)
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Is the Oval Test the most maudlin of all the Tests?

Marcus Harris plays a textbook forward defensive (via YouTube)
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Is Steve Smith finally tired of batting?

England v Australia, fifth Test, day two

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The impact of Headingley 2019 | I Don’t Like Cricket, I Hate It

I Don’t Like Cricket, I Hate It is a semi-regular feature where we ask a fella called Prince Prefab about cricket – even though he hates cricket. We are in bold. Prince Prefab is not.

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A match report from a man who claims to have “won the Ashes single-handedly”… in Galle

Send your match reports to If it’s a professional match, on no account mention the cricket itself. If it’s an amateur match, feel free to go into excruciating detail.

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The fourth Test was ridiculous. But exactly how ridiculous?

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Stuart Broad is a shenanigan superhero

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Ben Stokes’ almighty celebration of absolutely nothing at all

Ben Stokes (via YouTube)

England v Australia, fourth Test, day two

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It was windy at Old Trafford. Here are the wind’s three finest cameos from day one of the fourth Ashes Test

No bails (via Sky Sports)

England v Australia, fourth Test, day one

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