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The worst Test bowling averages of all time

Who has the worst Test bowling average of all time?

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Even the mere *idea* of playing for Yorkshire seems to have helped Dawid Malan. Somehow

Dawid Malan (via Sky Sports)
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The Awkwardest Squad: Why the 96/97 “flippin’ murdered ’em” tour of Zimbabwe was peak 90s England (a net bowler’s story)

England in Zimbabwe 96/97 (via Sky Sports/YouTube)

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Eoin Morgan had never tried coffee until last week. What does that say about him?

Espresso Doppio (CC licensed by Peter Gorges via Flickr)
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You can add to the English cricket season but you can never take away

St Lawrence Ground, Kent (Sarah Ansell)
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Are you completely numb to the ridiculousness of cricket terminology?

The Eton Field Game (via British Pathé)

This piece is not a flimsy excuse to publish footage of ‘the ram’ from the Eton Field Game. It is a chin-stroking musing on the fundamental meaningless of sporting terminology. The fact that it happens to feature footage of ‘the ram’ from the Eton Field Game is just a bonus.

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Papua New Guinea have qualified for the World T20. Without looking stuff up, let’s all share everything we know about Papua New Guinea

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The Cricket 19 videogame probably isn’t going to make David Willey feel any better

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India ‘move on’ from MS Dhoni and instead pick some random Dube

MS Dhoni (via ECB YouTube)
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Which Test nation’s top five wicket takers would form the most balanced attack?

Murali (via YouTube)

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