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Does Alastair Cook still say ‘ahm’ every other word now that he’s a professional broadcaster?

Alastair Cook on Sky Sports
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Justin Langer really doesn’t give a toss if everyone in the entire world is making fun of him for using the word ‘elite’ all the time

Justin Langer (via YouTube)
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Is MS Dhoni still a great finisher or merely a very enthusiastic witness of finishes?

MS Dhoni (CC licensed by Marc via Flickr)
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Monty Panesar was on Celebrity Mastermind and it did not go well

Monty Panesar on Mastermind (iPlayer)
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It’s not Shaun Marsh’s fault that he’s good enough to play Test cricket for Australia

Shaun Marsh being good enough to play for Australia (BT Sport)
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Are India brilliant? Are Australia shit?

Cheteshwar Pujara (via BT Sport)
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Have Australia fans become paranoid about opposition ball tampering yet?

Ball-chasing (via BT Sport)
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Which of Australia’s three banned ball-tamperers is being the most annoying (and which of them is being the least annoying)?

Cameron Bancroft hand-down-pants shot via Sky Sports
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Jason Holder: Lord Megachief of Gold 2018

Jason Holder (via Windies Cricket YouTube)

Our annual Lord Megachief of Gold award is the highest honour in cricket. The title is recognition of performance over the previous calendar year. Here are all the winners.

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Australia were far and away the funniest cricket team in 2018 – but who was their MVP?

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