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Danish Kaneria or Dane Vilas – who is most Danish?

Dane Vilas and Danish Kaneria (via YouTube)

Danish Kaneria is a Pakistani cricketer who has been banned from the sport for life for spot-fixing. Dane Vilas is a South African cricketer who currently plays for Lancashire. Despite what their names suggest, neither player is from Denmark.

So who is most Danish?

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The worst Test bowling averages of all time

Who has the worst Test bowling average of all time?

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The Awkwardest Squad: Why the 96/97 “flippin’ murdered ’em” tour of Zimbabwe was peak 90s England (a net bowler’s story)

England in Zimbabwe 96/97 (via Sky Sports/YouTube)

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Which Test nation’s top five wicket takers would form the most balanced attack?

Murali (via YouTube)

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England’s four weirdest Test picks of the last 20 years

Joe Denly (via YouTube)

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2019 Ashes Worst XI – who gets into our composite team?

David Warner (via ECB YouTube)

Never mind all those Ashes Best XIs. Who would get into the far more hotly-contested 2019 Ashes Worst XI?

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What Ben Stokes, Jack Leach and Headingley 2019 tell us about Test cricket

Ben Stokes wins a cricket match (images via Channel 5 and YouTube)

England v Australia, third Test, day four

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The greatest bits and pieces and cricketers of all time

Chris Harris (via YouTube)
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The cult of digging in: This is the almost impossible psychological trick the batsman must pull off when you want him to play a rearguard

Jason Roy digs in (via ECB YouTube)
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Five bonkers moments from the 2019 Cricket World Cup final – but which was the most uniquely cricket?

England win the World Cup (all images via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup final, England v New Zealand

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