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Inveterate King Cricket contributor Ged Ladd writes…

One of the joys of revisiting the popular music of my youth online is the opportunity to see music videos of that era, which I didn’t see at the time, as well as to hear the familiar hits.

I was visiting one such track from the early 1980s the other day, The Big Bean by Pigbag.

Woe betide you if you suggest that Pigbag was a one hit wonder. There was far more to Pigbag than that. The Big Bean, for example, reached Number 40 in the charts.

Here is a link to the YouTube of Pigbag’s music video for The Big Bean for those who cannot see it embedded below. (KC: Which will be everyone reading the email.)

Almost exactly one minute into the video, percussionist Andrew “Chip” Carpenter, who is dressed in something that vaguely resembles Edwardian cricket gear, dances while brandishing a cricket bat with reckless abandon.

30 seconds later, the same bounder appears to be buying a dodgy watch from a shady dealer. The consideration for the timepiece looks even more suspicious than the goods being procured. Substances, I shouldn’t wonder. Illicit substances.

Two minutes into the video, Chip Carpenter wields the willow some more. Later, after a puff of smoke, the cricketer’s jacket and cap have disappeared, enabling Chip to snarl and gurn at the camera in shirtsleeves, showing off his infeasible eyebrows and moustache to good effect.

The video was apparently shot in Ladbroke Grove, near to my abode. Iffy trading of the sort depicted was not an unusual sight in Ladbroke Grove at that time. But a percussionist waving a cricket bat around was and would still be most unusual.


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  1. I misread ‘inveterate’ as ‘invertebrate.’

    I can confirm that Ged does, indeed, have a backbone.

    1. I’ve never been in a vet’s place in my life. Neither have pets nor livestock. You’ve got the wrong bloke, mate.

      Just watched the vid again and it cheered me up again. Thanks for sharing it with the KC community.

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