A cricket bat lurking on a street corner

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Daisy writes:

Ged and I were driving home from a funeral at the end of Covid Lockdown 2.0 – our only social interaction that month.

Nearing home, I spotted this wrapped cricket bat propped against a street sign.

This is most certainly unusual in our neighbourhood.

Ged reports that the bat was still there when he went for a walk at lunchtime, but it had disappeared by evening.


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    1. Indeed, Bail-out.

      Links Road, Noddyland, W3, as we would describe it.

      Mostly Japanese people and crusties, so the presence of the bat, on 1 December, really is a bit of a mystery.

      Big ups for Daisy who noticed the thing and photographed it. I was too busy keeping my eyes on the road and my hands on the wheel…which is probably just as well.

      1. I always think cricket paraphernalia that is in an unusual place without the intervention of the photographer or their glamorous assistant is the purest and highest form of cricket paraphernalia in an unusual place, so I will second those great props to Daisy and her glamorous assistant (chauffeur, it seems, in this case).

  1. Curious. If it wasn’t for the bag it looks like a shammer. Perhaps folk do things off the cuff on Links Road.

  2. The most unusual thing is that it appears to be a Duncan Fearnley… you don’t see many of those in their natural surroundings these days

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