A cricket helmet on an Indian police officer

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The other day Aju John got in touch with us to highlight a number of instances where Indian police officers have worn cricket helmets.

It seems to be quite a common thing.

Most of the examples we found were officers… it’s hard to decide on the right word here. Let’s go with ‘managing’ but then let’s also italicise it so that you can maybe infer something a little more nuanced than that particular word would otherwise suggest.

Most of the examples we found were officers managing crowds protesting the Citizenship Amendment Act late last year.

That guy at the top of the page was in Hazratganj in Lucknow, but this shot from outside Nadwa College in the same city gets across that cricket-helmet-as-riot-gear is very much de rigueur for these sorts of occasions.

You’ll probably also have clocked the guy bottom-right in the motorbike/motor-racing/astronaut helmet.

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  1. The guy in the bottom tight is wearing a Lego spaceman’s helmet c.1980.

    The guy in the main picture also seems to be armed with a sawn off Lee-Enfield.

  2. Its a funny thing that he does not have the Policing gear but has a cricket helmet with him. this is worrying as well as inspiring as well. Because of the fact that how much influence cricket has on Indian people’s lives, and they are so much involved in it.
    He somewhat looks like MS Dhoni too. haha.

  3. One thing did amaze me was the double chin on the guy next to the fellow in the cricket helmet. Astounding.

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