Halfway through the IPL, incontrovertible PROOF that team kit colour is a perfectly sensible way to predict which team will win a T20 league

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At the start of the IPL, we tried to predict who would win based on what word-jazz artist Ken Nordine had said about the various team kit colours in his deep, resonant voice back in 1967.

Some of you may have felt that this was not a sensible way to predict a T20 league. WELL WHO’S LAUGHING NOW?

At the halfway stage, Mumbai Indians lead the IPL by zero points from Delhi Capitals.

Guess who we predicted would win the IPL?

That’s right, Mumbai Indians.

As Ken Nordine said: “On a Thursday of a year – who can remember except Blue – something sudden happened. Blue went as high as sky is high; flipped fathoms up; began to swing easy, sensibly, the way swings should be swung.”

It was very obvious that what Ken was saying here was that Mumbai Indians would lead the IPL at the halfway stage and would probably go on to become champions.

We also predicted that second-placed Delhi Capitals, “might win the thing,” on the basis that Ken said of azure that, “it can’t stand being same.”

We haven’t actually got time to cross check our other predictions against the current IPL table, but we’d say it’s 99% likely that they’re all exactly correct too.

We should probably investigate whether old Ken Nordine lyrics could help us achieve excellent results in other areas of our life.


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  1. Maybe you can create a new series; Cricket Predictions From Music
    or something similar

    I apologize if it is too imaginative.

  2. Unfortunately KKR are the only team that were even close to your predictions.
    They are 4th and you predicted 5th.

    1. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to read your comment, Bill, but we assume you were confirming that all of our other predictions were exactly correct.

      Great news. Thanks for that.

      1. Unfortunately you were sadly deluded.
        However, this prediction was a lot more accurate than some of the boring, serious one.

  3. I predict Chennai Super Kings will win the 2020 IPL.

    I predict Delhi Capitals will win the 2020 IPL.

    I predict Kolkata Knight Riders will win the 2020 IPL.

    I predict Mumbai Indians will win the 2020 IPL.

    I predict Rajasthan Royals will win the 2020 IPL.

    I predict Royal Challengers Bangalore will win the 2020 IPL.

    I predict Sunrisers Hyderabad will win the 2020 IPL.

    I predict Kings XI Punjab will win the 2020 IPL, just in case. Possibly a waste of pixels this one but I wanted to be sure.

    I predict that I have successfully predicted the winner of the 2020 IPL.

    To be on the safe side, I also predict the tournament is going to end up cancelled without a winner…

      1. Chance the other teams might all get lurgied, then docked points for ball-tampering if there’ve been sanitiser shenanigans. This is the kind of year where some insurance would generally have come in handy!

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