The 2013/14 Ridiculous Ashes

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We’ve done series two of The Ridiculous Ashes Podcast with Dan Liebke. It’s about the 2013/14 Ashes and we’ll add the episodes below as they go out each week.

If you don’t already know, the Ridiculous Ashes is an alternative trophy awarded to the side that produced the most hilarious and absurd cricket across an Ashes series. We first did it as a written thing over at Cricket 365 for the 2019 series and then we went back and covered the 1997 Ridiculous Ashes as a podcast.

The 2013/14 Ashes was truly ridiculous. We’d argue that even its mere existence was ridiculous, as it arrived mere weeks after the 2013 Ashes. (We cover that a fair bit in episode one.) As the series wears on, you’ll hear about freakish sixes, inexplicable leaves and slapstick run-outs with plenty of contributions from those twin titans of ridiculous cricket, Stuart Broad and Shane Watson. We even throw in the odd statistical anomaly. (Well, Dan does.)

You’ll find embeds of the episodes in Series 2 further down the page.

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Here are links to all the series.

Episode 1

The Ridiculous Ashes podcast returns to cover the existentially ridiculous 2013/14 Ashes. First up, it’s the Gabba Test, in which Dan and Alex discuss 27-year-old English medium pacers, needless arm-breaking threats, the absent parts of Michael Slater’s brain and much more.

Episode 2

Off to Adelaide we head for the second Test of the 2013/14 Ridiculous Ashes. This episode features a sun-smart Stuart Broad adjusting sightscreens, Ben Stokes previewing some of his future greatest hits, Alex revealing his greatest fear and much, much more. Plus, we reveal the true function of Mitchell Johnson’s moustache!

Episode 3

Over to Perth for the third Test of the 2013/14 Ridiculous Ashes. Alex and Dan’s coverage of this Test is mostly limited to an absurdity-rich period of about twenty minutes and includes discussion on conceding 28 runs in an over, meta-funk, the cruelty of Ryan Harris and much more.

Episode 4

Boxing Day at the MCG welcomes the fourth Ridiculous Ashes Test of 2013/14, in which Alex and Dan discuss moon-walking exploits, The Greg Ritchie Threshold, the audible despair of Michael Vaughan and much more.

Episode 5

It’s the fifth and final Test of the 2013/14 Ridiculous Ashes. This time around Alex and Dan are talking about a myriad of nonsense, including the very ridiculous sacking of Kevin Pietersen, the Bradman of win-loss ratios and… Glenn Maxwell?


  1. Love the podcast! Could I however request a warning for the Hindsight Corner sound effect? I had to stop the podcast because I thought someone with a particularly silky voice had broken in.

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