You can now watch the whole of the rest of the World Cup on Sky Sports for £34 (and you don’t need any extra equipment or anything)

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Please can we talk about the time Rohit Sharma ate 25 fried eggs in one go?

Rohit Sharma (via ICC video)
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What was Eoin Morgan aiming for?

Eoin Morgan (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 24, Afghanistan v England

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Andre Russell really isn’t cut out for bowling and he should probably just stop

Andre Russell (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 23, Bangladesh v West Indies

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When will it rain during the India v Pakistan match?

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Was Fran Wilson’s horizontal diving catch the perfect horizontal diving catch?

Fran Wilson diving catch (via Sky Sports video)
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Mohammad Amir: the most intermittently magnificent bowler in the world

Mohammad Amir 3 (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 17, Australia v Pakistan

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Okay, your job’s pretty rubbish, but at least you’re not South Africa captain during a World Cup

Faf du Plessis (via ICC video)
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City Cricket Battles HTML5 game

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Was Jason Roy’s the greatest World Cup hundred celebration?

Jason Roy celebrates his hundred (via ICC video)

2019 Cricket World Cup, Game 12, Bangladesh v England

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