Cricket on the back page of a newspaper being read by Yoko Ono in Imagine

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Jonathan drew our attention to Yoko Ono reading The Sun in the 1972 film, Imagine.

“Filmed in 1971, possibly it’s from the 1st Test against India at Lord’s where John Snow came in at 183-7 and hit 73,” he said.

“[It was] also the Test where he ‘threw’ the bat at Gavaskar.”


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. She appears to be indifferent to Snow’s heroics giving potential for a crossover feature. Instead she seems fixated on page 3.

  2. Page 3 was not always (or even regularly) graced with a tits and bums pic as early as 1971, Smudge, but who knows what was there to be seen on that particular day.

    Yoko herself (and John) had revealed far more than Page 3 type stuff a few years earlier, on the cover of Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins

    I remember my dad making a politically incorrect remark about the appearance of Yoko’s breasts in that picture, which horrified my mum and encouraged me to nag until my dad explained the quip to me.

  3. Sadly I lack distortospecs too, Bail-out and not even Amazon Prime seems able to sort me out with a pair.

    I am sure that Jonathan is temporally right so the newspaper must be 24 July 1971, while the post-modern Imagine Documentary Film was still being shot.

    The Imagine video was shot on the Wednesday and Thursday (21/22 July 1971) and my gut feeling/guess is that The Sun newspaper scene is a post-modern joke arising from Lennon himself being front page news in The Sun on 24 July. The first word of the headline is “Rebel” and the photo looks as though ti could very well be John Lennon.

    Jonathan might know. Or anyone with a copy of the film and the patience to wait for the appropriate moment in the film.

    Super example of cricket stuff in unusual places, btw, Jonathan, many thanks. It even forms part of a sub-genre that Daisy and I have worked on relatively recently: cricket stuff in unusual Japanese places.

    Enlightenment beckons.

    1. I want to either buy your distortospecs or suggest you seek out new employment as a professional distortovisor, perhaps helping police forces worldwide deal with things caught badly on CCTV?

      Hardened criminal whose face is only visible through its reflection on a highly-polished and irritatingly curvy car bonnet – no problem. That kinda deal. Maybe even a fancy cape, but who would be a suitable sidekick for Distortoman?

    2. We’ve all got too much stay at home time on our hands at the moment, Sid. You’ve just used yours to much better effect than some of us.

      Well squinted.

      Next up, someone with X-Ray Specs to see what was on Page 3.

      I said X-Ray Specs, not X-Ray Spex. Happy mistake.

  4. One small question, Is her hair positioned like it is to prevent her from seeing something on the left or right or the paper or is that just how they feel she needs to look in the circumstances?

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