The wicket to run exchange rate

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A run doesn’t have a set value. Instead, its value changes from one match to the next and arguably even fluctuates over the course of a single Test. This is why it’s important not to pay too much attention to averages.

In Tests, the value of a run is defined by how many of them can be scored for the loss of 20 wickets. If a team can score 800 for the loss of 20 wickets, runs are plentiful and less valuable. If a team can only score 300 with their 20 wickets then a single run contributes a great deal more towards a team’s cause.

Today, England lost six for 50-odd and then India lost seven for 117. That’s all that needs to be said about Alastair Cook’s 122 and Kevin Pietersen’s 186.

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    More good news for England potentially coming from elsewhere


    Chairman of selectors John Inverarity made it clear recently that Johnson, 31, was being looked at for a possible recall.

    “Mitchell is under consideration. The panel and I personally are very pleased with Mitchell’s development,” Inverarity said.

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      Between him and Ponting hanging on for grim death we’re in trouble…

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