Cricket bats in unusual places

We’re starting a new feature. It’s called Cricket Bats In Unusual Places. We want you to send in pictures of cricket bats in unusual places. Send them to

It doesn’t have to be cricket bats – that’s just the name of the feature. It can be anything cricket-related, but it does have to be in an unusual place. The more unusual the place, the better; and the larger and more unwieldy the item, the better.

A cricket book hanging off the washing line – 1 point

A cricket bat leaning against Michelangelo’s David – 1 billion points

Points equal nothing, however. We don’t do prizes. Maybe if you do something unbelievably amazing we’ll send you a second-hand copy of a third-rate cricketer’s autobiography, but don’t count on it.

The first instalment of Cricket Bats In Unusual Places will appear tomorrow. Many of you will be delighted to hear that it’s from Brian. Future submissions don’t have to follow the same format as Brian’s. In fact it’s probably best if they don’t.

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6 Appeals

  1. A cricket bat

    In my hands.

    In front of a wicket.

    That’s pretty fscking rare I can assure you.

    Ho hum, maybe next year…

  2. How about a cricket bat in the act of decapitating a statue of Margaret Thatcher?

  3. I saw a cricket bat in Spain once – does that count?

    Plus, there’s one on the front of the White Stripes album ‘Elephant’, which is pretty unusual if you ask me.

  4. Did you photograph the Spanish bat?

    You should have done.

  5. OMFG! how about a cricket bat up ur ass!

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