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It’s been a while since we had a cricket thing in an unusual place – so long, in fact, that many of you won’t even know that it’s supposed to be a regular feature.

Ged sent us the following photo and said only: “Sphere Of Influence By Gideon Haigh, spotted in a spa sanctuary, Phuket, Thailand.”


As a postscript to this, Sphere of Influence is also the title of a book by former New Zealand right-armer, Kyle Mills.

We did wonder what he was up to these days. Apparently he’s churning out bestsellers.

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  1. Cricket book in an unusual place’s back! As in returned, because books don’t fall sick.

    I welcome this return, though I am afraid Mr. Ladd has played fast and loose with the rules here. One would think the top of a table is a perfectly reasonable place for a book.

    1. Matt Renshaw’s back…

      …as in returned, to the crease, at the fall of the third wicket…

      …he’s not got ankylosing spondylitis or anything like that…

      …although he might well have had campylobacteriosis…


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