A cricket pad in an unusual place/a baby in an unusual cricket place

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Send your pictures of cricket bats and other cricket stuff in unusual places to king@kingcricket.co.uk. Feel free to put the cricket thing in the unusual place yourself.

Miriam writes:

Here is a photo of my new baby daughter Clementine in a cricket pad.

She is being conspicuously indifferent to cricket, but ALSO this is a photo of cricket equipment in an unusual place, namely around a sleeping baby.

Also, as Clementine was born in the middle of the pandemic summer, this is a photo of an unusual cricket occurrence full stop in that it was taken when she was spectating (well sleeping through) a match.

We took a similar photo of our oldest child Zachariah seven years ago.

We never managed one of the now-middle child Ezekiel, but his first cricket match was watched from the press box at Lord’s so he hasn’t entirely lost out.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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    1. Well the feature focuses on cricket things, so no. We have however updated the headline to give a fuller account of the situation here.

      1. My first comment on this site was sometime around 2008. In about 12 short years I’ve climbed up the corporate ladder at a blinding pace to be able to effect an inconsequential change in an article headline.

        I tried explaining the momentousness of this to my wife but she was too busy ordering some trinket or other from Amazon.

    2. Behave yourself, Deep Cower.

      When I made my first “cricket stuff in an unusual place submission, many eyars ago…


      …no-one wrote in to suggest that it should be in a section named “monk doing an unusual thing”.

      Indeed, a then-childless Miriam chimed in with kind words, not nit-picks.

      I only have kind words for Miriam’s latest submission which is also a subtle way of bringing us some wonderfully good news during an otherwise rather gloomy era.

      Thanks for cheering em up, Miriam and many congratulations on your adorable-looking and rapidly increasing brood.

  1. Real question is, have any of these children developed an obsession with David Hussey, a desire to start a cricket blog with multiple posts a day and/or self-publish books about the 2009 Ashes?

  2. Totally awesome Miriam. Loads of congratulations on your beautiful family. And excellent recycling work as well.

  3. Congratulations Miriam. It actually makes you wonder whose bright idea it was to start wearing their baby-carriers on their legs in the first place, and isn’t it a good job they’d had twins?

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