Cricket stumps at Chelsea Flower Show (+ more)

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Matthew writes…

I spotted John Emburey at Chelsea Flower Show carrying bouquets for his florist daughter. I buttonholed him as he looked at a giant set of cricket stumps that adorned a World Cup-themed garden by Chelsea’s most decorated designer. Steve Elworthy cut the ribbon. 

I also spotted Jack Russell stealing the scene from the lanky Oscar-winning songwriter Sir Tim Rice at an art gallery launch I was at last year. Rice opened the show, waxing lyrical, feeling the love tonight. Jack kept it short, sweet and humble.

I saw Jack sell a couple of paintings. He drank tea and chatted charmingly to the gallery punters about the old days. He’d offer a personal dedication to any buyers.

I boasted about my Royal Academy Summer Exhibition painting being bought by a Dutch princess. Jack said I should have RA written after my name. Jack would usually have a dagger after his. He also has had an MBE after it for almost 30 years.

Emburey and Russell both feature in my new book Lost Cricket Stickers: The Search For 1983’s World of Cricket Sticker Album Heroes, which is out in March.

(King Cricket: As a wonderful footnote to this contribution, in a follow-up email Matthew added, “I also used to teach Ben Stokes cycle safety.” No further details.)

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