A cricket bat lurking in a wood and masquerading as a plaything

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Gareth writes…

Here are the remnants (signs of a brutal separation of the handle are visible) of a cricket bat (cheapy beach cricket set variety I’d say) pressed into service as a swing seat in a small wood in Cardiff. 

As I walk this route fairly regularly, I believe this to be a recently installed apparatus. There’s a children’s play area 500 metres up the path. 

I guess a swing here would be more atmospheric. 


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  1. It’s a metaphor for the England cricket team’s swings of fortune.

    There are several elements to the metaphor – the broken bat from a cheapy beach cricket set is presumably the element that symbolises the England & Wales Cricket Board Management.

    Great spot, Gareth.

    1. Indeed Ged. I like to lay it on thick in these matters.

      I was just running past it this morning for the first time in months and thinking “Oh yeah, that swing. I wonder if he’s ever going to get around to putting that picture up on the site.” When will I learn to stop doubting him? Clearly, a low-key T20 series straight after the Mashes combined with a Washes Washout are the circumstances under which he gets around to these kinds of activities.

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