A cricket bat in a Danish nouveau-punk duo’s video

Ged writes:

PowerSolo are a wild and crazy Danish nouveau-punk duo. They mostly tour around Europe, not the UK. My old friend Pinball Geoff put me onto them recently – they are even more mad than his band, the Bikini Beach Band. Short story.

During the first twenty seconds of the video for Powersolo’s song, Frantic, one of the Danish duo is gratuitously roused from his slumbers with the use of a cricket bat. To add to the confusion, Clint Eastwood sort-of introduces the video. It’s all a bit cog-dis, especially the cricket bat bit.

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16 Appeals

  1. First four day Tests, then this.

  2. In other news, TRJ’s back! As in, he has a stress facture in his L5 vertebra, he’s not going to return to the Middlesex side at Taunton on Monday to try and secure his county’s mathematical safety and send Somerset into Division 2 or anything.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to PowerSolo, potty as parrots but terrific stuff.

    • Glad you like.

      Personally I like this one best:


      I don’t think it will make you revise your assessment of PowerSolo’s pottiness-level.

    • Pinball Geoff’s mob, the Bikini Beach Band, are fairly high up the potty scale too:



      • Yes, agreed. I forwarded your KC youtube video to Dom who has worked for me last couple of years. He has sloped off to Uni now. He described it as a Banging Tune so so you are obviously down with the youth, Ged.

    • Is “potty as parrots” another saying?

      I can never work out whether you have an extraordinary talent for words and turns of phrase, or you are exposing us all to regional/historical expressions of which I was previously oblivious.

      • Fair enough, Bail-Out, but excuse me if the following appear in future posts:

        Dim as a Toc H lamp
        Potty as a parrot
        He is a lifelong person
        Spanish archered
        Bums rush
        Hard as bell metal
        Fling it over a rainbow
        I bet the cornflakes creep out of his bowl
        Fleet of shit boxes
        Back in the frozen to death
        More chance of rowing to the moon
        Two horns, strong smell of sulphur
        Face like a torn target
        Stony as Chesil Beach
        Rudderless tossycock
        Gusset in a bind
        Desperate prawn
        Gnaw your vitals
        An angel has peed in his beer
        If brains were dynamite he wouldn’t have enough to blow his hat off
        Riding on the back of a pig
        Mad as a hat full of pixies

        Commonplace? Or perhaps that’s why I’m Edwardian.

      • That is brilliant.

        (I’ve always liked the Toc H lamp one, but never deployed it in real life because I worried whether anyone would understand me if I did. Or if they did understand me, they’d wonder why I understood it.)

  4. Aargh, how did I miss this?

    Japan women beat South Korea women by 9 runs in the East Asia Cup.

    Japan 110/8 (Miho Kanno 22, Mai Yanagida 21, Mina Baek 4-0-9-2, Jiyeon Park 3-0-12-2)

    South Korea 101/8 (Jiyeon Park 27, Taerang Kim 21, Etsuko Kobayashi 4-0-24-4, Shizuka Miyaji 4-0-9-2)

  5. Sadly no sixes in the South Korea match – I’d love to hear a commentator screech “maximum…Park hits the ball out of the park”.

    This might make the interweb explode, but here is a link to a little cross-reference with links piece I have written on Ogblog to celebrate the publication of this piece and the spidery one:


  6. Anderson was in the commentary box today and at one point he said, “I thought they bowled pretty well as a … on the whole.”

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