Stanford 20/20 gimmicks

It was only a matter of time before they introduce BIGGER and therefore BETTER balls.

Richie Richardson again falls foul of his glue hands

But the Miami Vice style attire? That’s a step too far.

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5 Appeals

  1. It does rather look like KP and Bumble are about to give Richardson a thrashing with those bats.


  2. KP’s tacky suit has featured in photoshops and discussions for some time now, KC. We concluded a few days ago that St Kev was eshewing Armani in favour of Primark in his mission not to flash the cash.

  3. Erm, apologies for anyone connected to Primark. I’m sure it’s all utterly fantastic…

  4. He does seem to be bending over and bracing himself, Ne.

  5. I can’t stop that AC/DC song going through my head… “Cause we’ve got the biggest
    Balls of them all”

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