Stanford 20/20 – what happens if there’s rain?

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No roof

It’s a shame the Stanford 20/20 for 20 match is floodlit, because a match of this financial magnitude being abandoned because of bad light would be too gloriously hilarious for words.

There could be rain delays though and we wouldn’t bet against it. At times cricket can seem wilfully offended by any kind of grand occasion and can usually be relied upon to supply scenes of high farce at the crucial moment.

See the denouement of the 2005 Ashes, when Australia’s batsmen came out to bat in poor light when everyone already knew England had won.

See the World Cup final when Australia and Sri Lanka needlessly retook the field when in fact the match had already been decided.

See the 2007 English Twenty20 Cup final, when no-one realised Kent had won, because they did so off a no-ball.

Build it up as much as you like, Mr Stanford, but the simple fact is that your $20million match will probably be decided by a wide in a rain-revised run-chase.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. What happens if it rains? No-one will give a shit.

    Oh hold on, that’s what’s happening anyway.

    Wow, go figure.

  2. It’d be better if the game ended with Paul Collingwood punching the smug moustachioed twat in the face for touching up his missus.

  3. I think the rain is going to be mute point! England might not have enough fit players to ‘Get through the week’!!

    What a farce all this is, we might even see untimely mass migrations of animals from the West Indies because certain species are so indifferent to it all!

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