A half-arsed history of the Stanford Super Series

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Allen Stanford’s been found guilty of greed of the highest order so we thought we’d provide a few links to our coverage of his shitty cricket event from 2008.

Ah, there’s nothing like reminiscing about mediocre times.


  1. I miss Stanford and his super series. It really was bringing cricitwatment to the masses. What will become of the game without such visionaries?

    1. Fair point. But we have one less. English cricket is lacking as a result. Australia have the big bash, India the IPL, even Bangladesh…

      We just have the T20 cup. Yes it is an ever changing shambles, milked to within an inch of its life, but surely we could shower it with brand overkill to make it utterly unbearable like its overseas superiors.

      Also, and I admit I can’t remember where I saw this towering monument to the heights cricket can reach, we don’t have drinks delivered by men dressed as gatorade bottles riding segways. And England is supposed to be ‘the home of cricket’.

    2. The man is a complete crook, but this is all terrible for Antigua and Antiguan cricket. His ground at the airport was really something and now they just play football there.

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