20/20 for $20million – what is that in pounds?

What will the victors in the Stanford 20/20 for 20 match become?

They will become “dollar millionaires” or ‘not real millionaires’ to you – because of course we don’t have dollars in this country.

It really brings it home that this isn’t really about you, the supporter and it isn’t even about the teams taking part, because the whole marketing of the event revolves around it being ’20/20 for 20′ and about each winning player earning a million.

If you’re English, those things aren’t true. At the time of writing it’s 20/20 for £12,622,279 and each winning player will earn £631,114.

That marketing is not aimed at England, yet the national side is one half of the on-field spectacle.

Cricket prizes should never be in US dollars, whatever the event.

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14 Appeals

  1. And the amount they get in pounds is going down by the day. They should petition for its bringing forward – they can always play the warm-up games afterwards.

  2. And another thing – I’m sure this has been pointed out before, but I’ve only just noticed: the logo for this match makes the batsman look like a baseball batter. In fact it’s not so different from the Major League Baseball logo.

  3. King Cricket

    October 27, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Like baseball totally rocks, dude.

  4. surely it’s the other way round: more the pound goes down, the more 1 million dollars is worth in sterling?

  5. Actually each individual player will get something closer to £375,000 I suspect, once the government get their hands on its 40%…

  6. How mant lakhs or crores of rupees is it? That’s the only money that matters in cricket now.

  7. it’s 5 crore rupees

  8. The Middlesex v Trinidad and Tobago match is where is should be. They are real teams and at the level where 20/20 should be played outside of an international tour.

    The rest is comedy, with monopoly money.

  9. Would they pay tax on these earnings in Antigua or the UK?

  10. How much is US$20M in Zimbabwean Dollars? I’m only asking because I have rather a lot of Zim Dollars, $1.27 Trillion to be precise.

    I thought that would impress you all.

  11. Perhaps Zimbabwe should arrange a 20/20 for $20 trillion.

  12. I ran a “Who Wants To Be A Turkish Millionaire?” competition once.

    It cost £1.47.

  13. We remember arriving in Istanbul and getting some money changed. The guy looked at us with a sly smile before starting counting:

    “Million, million, million, million…”

    We rolled our eyes and instantly felt tired.

    Then we found that kebabs were only pence and cheered up again.

  14. I remember when I was in halls just off Rusholme (Manchester’s infamous curry mile, for all you incognoscenti out there), writing up my dissertation.

    Tandoori Kitchen had just opened a kebabery (in addition to their restaurant), and were offering high-quality large donners for a bargain 99p.

    That’s when I set my record of four full-sized kebabs in a 24-hour period.


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