Andrew Flintoff unveils his big surprise

Actually, is it hovering?


Brilliant, Fred. It’s a cricket ball. We’ve all seen a cricket ball before.

What’s next in your box of tricks? A bat? A box?

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8 Appeals

  1. No no no King – in absentia you are underestimating the power of Fred. It’s the Golden Snitch!

    Bring back Fred and defeat Lord Voldemort. We’ll still get hammered by the Saffers though.

  2. To gain victory will he first have to get past Lord V’s trusty sidekick, the cunning Kevin Pietergrew?

  3. hee hee! and of course fool the rather fanciable Professor Nassnape..

  4. …aided by his two best chums, Robert Keysley and Harmione.

    What a fab picture of Professor Nassnape. He looks a little sinister, like he’s just poisoned that plate of pumpkin pasties.

  5. The resemblance is uncanny, Ceci!

  6. Perhaps Freddie should consider a career in quidditch?

    If his golden duck tonight is anything to go by, anyway. Grump grump grump.

    Q. What’s worse than sitting in a non-alcoholic stand to watch a Friday night Roses match?

    A. Sitting in a non-alcoholic stand to watch a Friday night Roses match where you lose all the sun at 7pm, and are sat next to two mates from Yorkshire, while Lancashire Teef**kingtotallers Throw It All Away.

    Brrrr and grrrrr. And now I’ve got to drive down to the ancestral home in Hertfordshire.

  7. After carefully reviewing this picture for the last few weeks, I just realized you are all wrong (respectfully, of course). It is not that he made the ball appear. The big trick is that he is about to eat it all. The poor thing is trying to escape, but it is safely within his grasp and he is getting ready to throw the first bite. I read an interview with Jaws somewhere and it had the same kind of exhilaration right before chewing somebody’s limb. Enterntainment Weekly I think it was.

  8. King Cricket

    July 14, 2008 at 3:00 pm

    Ah, now that explains the look of glee.

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