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Andrew Flintoff's celebrations are smothered by outraged team matesWe’re a bit worried about Andrew Flintoff. Not: ‘Oh my God, there’s a badger in the back seat of the car AND HE’S LOOKING RIGHT AT ME’ worried, but worried nonetheless.

When he was taking his wickets against the West Indies on Friday, he did some posing. We’re not massively happy about this. Andrew Flintoff is a full-on hero because he’s always seemed like one of us, but normal people don’t do arrogant posing.

If you didn’t see these poses, the first involved turning sideways and holding his arms out in a ‘love me’ sort of posture. That was one he’s done before. The second was near indescribable. Imagine an outraged camp duck.

It was all a bit Robbie Williams for our taste. Maybe it was tongue in cheek, but this posturing suffers in comparison to the genuine, heartfelt elation of Fred’s old wicket celebrations.

He’s a millionaire these days. We haven’t lost him, have we?


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  1. I was unconvincing in my defence of Flintoff when my missus suggested he looked like an arrogant footballer. I think I was mumbling about how he’d done all sorts of not arrogant things in the past, so that made him alright and stuff. Hmm.

    However, on the bright side, I was actually watching the cricket on Friday evening with the wife present, so things can’t be going too badly in the Bert household, arrogant-Cheshire-footballer-style poncing notwithstanding.

  2. I liked it. I liked it. I still liked it. I am still convincing myself i still liked it and it wasn’t horrid. So i liked it.

    Go Fred and your post-ironic, post-football, post-modern celebrations – turning a mirror to the crass world of sport showing it up in all its grotesque nakedness.

    Balls … Maybe he was just being a twat.

  3. who cares. as long as he gives ponting and co a good pasting he can kneel down and snort the crease for all i care.

  4. I still don’t have Sky so no posturing seen, I can report that off the field he still comes across as the ordinary nice bloke on the occasions when I was in his vicinity recently. At Sabina Park and also at the Everest ground where the England team were training in Guyana there were lots of local fans, and he did loads of autograph stuff – refusing no one.

    The team were on my flight to Guyana and he was all smiles and said hello while the rest of the team trundled past ashen faced – it was early and they were going to jam their long legs into economy seating. With his height he should have been in a millionaire sulk with the rest of them.

    He was probably relieved to be playing again. lets face it we are a bit short on wicket taking bowlers on flat pitches, so he can celibate how he likes. There is always the cover your eyes option. Or just listen on the radio for painless wicket celebrations!

    Badgers – nightmare back seat drivers!

  5. I would rather see a return to the days of auld when in India he celebrated taking the winning wicket of an ODI by taking his top off and swinging it round his head whilst galloping into the covers.

    Not quite as tasteless as James Corden de-robing, but showed some humility.

    The sideways pose with deadpan face reminded me of something a certain arrogant Frenchman with an upturned collar used to do.

    I don’t think anything beats the old-fashioned WIndies high fives celebration. Even the Brett Lee lawnmower.

  6. I quite like the new fashioned Windies running at speed round the field like a crazed gazelle whilst pointing wildly celebration!

    Now now Sam! I shall not be tempted…. yet! Give me a while longer in the born again Flintoff love zone!!

  7. 668, do you really want Freddie to “celibate how he likes”..?

    I had the pleasure of listening to most of the WIndies’ innings ont’ radio, but am still not quite sure I heard what I thought I did. Specifically, Colin Croft saying that Freddie reminded him of Eric Cantona and Cristiano Bloody Ronaldo. Aggers didn’t sound particularly impressed.

  8. That’s all very well, but what about today’s big news?

    You know of Whom I speak…

  9. Mahinda that is a spelling mistake or some such other lapse of concentration although as a bloke with a young family one would hope perhaps that Flintoff celebrates to the max but remains celibate on tour?

    On’t radio – Yeah I heard that. I always liked Eric Cantona. Was it Aggers or Simon Hughs – Hughs never sounds impressed?

  10. Actually, it may well have been Simon “The Analyst” Hughes. Aggers always sounds faintly amused. By anything. I like Aggers.

  11. I actually think for a man who had just taken a hat-trick it was quite a reserved celebration. Infact Flintoff’s celebrations are a lot more reserved than some of his team mates.

  12. Badger is English for beaver right? ; )

    Don’t know why you’d call it a “he”

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