Andrew Flintoff bowling like a beast

Andrew FlintoffNot a cow or an ocelot or a langur monkey, but some sort of robotic beast specifically created to fire out intimidating back-of-a-length bowling.

Paul Horton’s hundred looks even better after Durham were bowled out for 90. James Anderson took most of the wickets, but according to Lancashire’s captain, Stuart Law, it was Flintoff who “put the shits up them bowling at 90 or 95 miles an hour.”

Nice to know that Flintoff can now direct the shits. Law didn’t specify whether these were the wild shits, however.

We’d like to see Andrew Flintoff play more county cricket to help remind him how to bat. However, we’re probably more keen on seeing him bowl for England. You can’t have everything, but at times Flintoff’s bowling feels like everything.

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7 Appeals

  1. He’s injured again.

  2. Sarah, Canterbury

    May 10, 2008 at 1:36 pm

    I blame you for saying he should play!

  3. Bowling at that speed has given him a side strain. He should have known better.

    He’s becoming another Shane Watson. Only difference is Flintoff actually won the English an Ashes.

  4. I just saw the news whilst I was on the phone to my brother: ‘Oh no!’ I gasp. ‘What’s happed?’ he says. ‘Flintoff’s injured’. ‘Oh, I thought something important had happened, like the Queen had died.’
    Now he’s suggested it, I realise this is worse than the Queen dying.

  5. Do we believe this ‘side-strain’ claim, or is that ‘putting the (wild or otherwise) shits up them’ has some nasty side-effects?

  6. Is “side-strain” the metatarsal of the cricketing world? Plunky of Durham is sidelined for 6 weeks with the same complaint. I’d watch out if I were you Saj – better to spend more time on facebook and join the king cricket appreciation group at

  7. Think of the headlines were Sidey to get a side strain. The red tops would love it (although suspect they’d love it more if he got a bottom strain – particularly if it was caused by Fred putting the shits up him).

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