Paul Horton scores while bigger names don’t

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Paul Horton from ages agoLancashire 143 (thanks to Mark Davies), Durham 114 (thanks to James Anderson and Andrew Flintoff), Lancashire 293 and Durham 28-3 (Flintoff again).

As it stands, that 293 looks out of place. What happened?

It was Paul Horton, Lancashire’s opener. No-one else in the match has passed 40. Horton made 108 before being run out.

For pace bowlers, all-rounders and depending on the overseas pro, spinners, Lancashire have been disgustingly rich for years, but their openers have been mediocre.

We like Mark Chilton and we like Iain Sutcliffe, even if we can’t bear to watch the latter bat, but neither is exceptional. Mark Chilton’s career average is 32. Sutcliffe’s is nearly 35. After 30 matches, Paul Horton averages 50.

Unsurprisingly, Horton was born in Sydney. He went to school in Liverpool though and yes, he’s aiming to play for England.

Cue comments from Australia about England not producing its own cricketers and retaliation from England about Australians not really doing so either, when you think about it – as well as something about dingos.

Who cares? The important thing is that we’re taking sides and arguing with each other and really, at the end of the day, isn’t that what it’s all about?


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  1. This wasn’t Paul Horton at all. Horton was playing in disguise at the Rose Bowl and was out lbw to Martin. This was another batsman pretending to be Horton – i was there, he looked suspiciously like the Kent captain.

    I blame modern helmets.

  2. Bllody convicts, the lot of them. They’ve got it all wrong, especially as they think vegemite is superior to marmite.

    The flaming drongos.

  3. An Australian brought up in Liverpool? That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  4. I’m impressed that (at least according to your photo) he’s resisted the temptation to highlight his hair to death.

  5. I need someone to blame for Durham losing so Horton it is. PAH to him. Plus it must have been a dodgy pitch plus unfair dismissals plus they LET Lancs win on account of being sorry for them being pipped by Sussex last year…

  6. If there’s anyone you should blame Ceci, it’s Jimmy Anderson and his nine wickets. Some people will do anything to get back into the Test side, even if it means pretending to be a good bowler.

  7. Don’t fret, Dave. He’ll be back to his usual rubbish if he makes the Test team, apart from a one off when we are all once again filled with hope that he might be a long term England saviour. Pains me to say that because he’s rather HOT and adds a certain something to the England line up…

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