Paul Horton masters one-day cricket

Horton's crackage is lauded by the crowdIn his first 23 one-day innings, Paul Horton passed 50 once. Now he’s got the format cracked. Take that The Friends Provident Trophy! Consider yourself and any other 50-over competitions CRACKED.

It seems like only last week we were writing about Paul Horton’s first one-day hundred and now here we are writing about his second.

Successive one-day hundreds. Will we cover this second one more comprehensively in honour of the achievement?

Will we balls.

Paul Horton hit another one-day hundred.

That’s all you’re getting.

Stop, stop. Wait a minute.

Why don't you...

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5 Appeals

  1. Do you ever get the feeling, O king, that Lancashire cricket is too esoteric a pleasure to be enjoyed by the general blog-reading public?

  2. King Cricket

    May 5, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    It’s a stunned silence, isn’t it?

  3. he’s turned his form back to front.

    Couldn’t score a run in list a last season, and scored shitloads in four day, this season, he’s arse about face.

  4. And to prove my point, he goes for 5 against Warks. Averaging 6 in FC this season, from 3 matches.

  5. King Cricket

    May 6, 2009 at 5:33 pm

    You’re putting him off, Suave.

    Look away.

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