Paul Horton: first-class batsman to watch in 2010

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Paul Horton in a rare 2009 bat-raisingLike Will Smith, Paul Horton’s another who had a 2009 season of less than unbridled success. He did hit 173 in one match, but didn’t do much else.

However, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt with these Ones To Watch, it’s that they’re devious bastards and always slip in a duff season just before they come good, thereby escaping from our one-watching claws at the crucial moment. Graeme Swann, we’re looking at you.

So let’s stick with Paul Horton through thin-and-thin, just like we did with that film that said it was going to be Knight Rider in the TV guide, but which didn’t feature a single car in it and was clearly a different film, but which the eight-year-old us watched anyway, hoping the whole of the first hour would turn out to be a Michael Knight dream.


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  1. What is this? Ones To Watch Wi’ A Whippet?

    You’re not doing much to convince anyone that you get south of Cheshire much.

  2. North is good. So this is good. More North is better – so I’m hoping for more North in the next ones-to-watch.

    Marcus North, on the other hand, is bad. No Marcus North would be better.

  3. If it has to be Northern oriented can we sneak in Sam Northeast on name alone so we get some Kent and break the Durham stranglehold.

  4. I went to the north once. The density of watchable cricketers was not as high as this blog suggests.

  5. I watched Sam Northeast at Kent against Durham in 2007, he got 5 runs and a duck. If he is playing in the Durham match I’ll watch him again in a month’s time and report back, if that would be of any use?

  6. I bet they were 5 bloody lovely runs. That would be splendid SixSixEight. I look forward to hearing about a brilliantly built 11 and a dashing 7.

    He probably won’t play though.

  7. PJ Horton c Trott b Woakes 2
    (12m 16b 0x4 0x6 SR: 12.50)

    Off to another flyer this year then Paul.

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