Will Smith, Durham: first-class batsman to watch in 2010

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Will Smith was the one batsman who didn’t score runs for Durham last year, which might not immediately mark him out as being worth watching, but the year before that he was arguably their best batsman.

We’re putting the mediocre batting down to his being made captain in 2009. It’s like when someone’s knocking at the door while you’re trying to write about Will Smith of Durham: it’s a distraction and you can’t deal with both at once.

Actually, maybe it’s a bit different. Judging from the fact that Smith hit 150 in his penultimate match last season, maybe you learn to cope with both. In the other situation, eventually the knocking just stops – as does the writing about Will Smith of Durham.


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  1. It would seem, KC, that if you want to watch all these ones to watch, all you need is a house on Teesside.

  2. Something wrong with that Bert?

    Oh yes… Tyneside is much better – if a little further away.

  3. Nothing wrong with it D Chalton. In fact, I suspect that it is no coincidence. To do well in the county championship you need a pile of players who are quite-good-but-not-good-enough-to-be-absent-on-international-duty-all-summer, and these are exactly the sort of players that might appear on a list of Ones To Watch. Hence Durham CCC’s motto – Secundus Optima Petamus.

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