Mark Davies, Durham: first-class bowler to watch in 2010

Mark Davies - a new life free of the King Cricket curse begins at 30Mark Davies’ 19 wickets at 29.57 last year was a woeful return by his standards, but an overall first-class record that reads 251 wickets at 21.68 is as good as it gets.

Mark’s 30 this year, so this will be his fourth and final appearance in our Ones To Watch. He’s as close to the England side as he’s ever been, so maybe this plot-free tale of one man repeatedly having his name published on an obscure cricket website during the month of April will have a happy ending for the protagonist.

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  1. ‘KC’s Mark Davies one to watch, watch’. 2009 – a mixed year for the Viking – Mark is fine till KC names him as ‘one to watch’ where he promptly has an ankle operation. But not to be beaten he struggles on and finally makes it onto a pitch to play for Durham, [he did! it is recorded here !]. He even manages to get to play in a tour match for England, but is not deemed worthy enough and so does not get to carry drinks – Plunkett has the edge there.

    Knowing that KC could pull the stunt again for 2010 Mark gets the ankle operation in preemptively this time, and was last seen doing a question and answer session with school children in Abu Dhabi.

    Mark Davies masochists everywhere can sort of keep up with what happens next here;

    Or if he manages to take any wickets here:

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