Mark Davies still doing something right

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The Vikings - still leaving a trail of destruction in 2008It was over two years ago that we first pointed this out. However, exactly what Mark Davies is doing right we don’t know. Cutting the ball both ways to make his bowling unplayable seems to be the gist.

It’s on a bit of a juicy club pitch at Basingstoke, but even so Mark Davies’ figures of 8-24 against Hampshire are startling. He’s taken 33 wickets at 12.06 this season.

At 12.06!

There have been regular wickets for seam bowlers up at Chester-le-Street as well, but what more can a man do? Take his wickets at an average of nine? At an average of two?

We wish we’d said something yesterday. Durham were 96-7 and we thought ‘wait until Mark gets a go on that with all of Valhalla urging him on’.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. Ooh look at you, all big and clever because you got your facts right. Didn’t get corrected by posh bloke and have to pretend to give a prize, I bet, either.

    You utter sod.

  2. No, I wrote a very similar post, saying about the durham pitch, and associate MCC member, D Charlton corrected me.

    I had to pretend I knew, and said YOU WIN A PRIZE!

    Which is obviously rubbish.

    Damn clever readers. Lucky Douglas doesn’t read your stuff too.


  3. Now James Tomlinson’s joining the party! Inevitable really, seeing he’s got nearly 60 wickets already this season. What is it with these medium-pace strike bowlers?

  4. Oi! Stop sniping at each other when we should be praising the Viking. Am wearing horned helmet and 40DD breastplate and am mezzosopranoing at full volume.

    He’ll have to do the same in the second Hants innings mind.

  5. He might well do, Ceci (or should that be Brunhilde?). Just throw him the new ball and let him do his stuff.

  6. They’re rolling over quality players too, Di Venuto, Lord Megachief of Gold, and some others.

    Ceci, I’m with you, I’ve just put on my brass plated cod piece and am singing baritone.

  7. Personally, I’m rooting for Imran Tahir. Partly because he’s a Pakistani leggie, but mostly because he’s in my fantasy team!

  8. Sorry Suave. I have no imagination so have to deal in facts.


    What’s my prize?

  9. Brian, it’s how many runs he concedes off his bowling for each wicket he takes. We’d have thought you’d be up to speed with this by now.

    D Charlton, we have a friend with no imagination. He dreams about exactly what he’s done during the day.

  10. “Douglas”, I’ll create a post just for you.
    Tell me two fo your favourite cricketing things, and I’ll dream up something tomorrow.

  11. Makes me wish I’d kept the random viking helmet I woke up next to in the Isle of Man, back in May.

    That was quite a night.

  12. WHAT are you doing KC! You have mentioned Mark Davies and the match isn’t even over yet! His Valhalla thing consists of having clouds – lots of them. Basingstoke has had lots of greyness – it was almost raining in the morning. So if it’s all sunny on the final day, or he collapses in a heap, I’m going to tell on you!

  13. You are so kind Suave – two of my favourite cricket things… New balls – you have to love a new ball – they are so round and shiny.

    And Mahinda’s stories – they have a loose connection to cricket and i want to know more about that Viking helmet.

  14. When I get a spare half hour in this quaint little country, I shall knock one up for you, and it will have to be for Mahinda too.

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