Mark Davies, Durham – cricketer to watch in 2009

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Mark Davies probably got three wickets while this was being takenA second Durham player and a second Durham seam bowler. Mark Davies is always one to watch, even if we erroneously overlooked him for the first time last year, thinking he wouldn’t get a game.

We’ve a faint suspicion that Davies is the kind of bowler who’d get a lot of wickets in home Tests and not so many overseas, but as long as he takes wickets at an average of about 12, he warrants closer inspection.

Not scarily close; not unless he’s playing chess against Rob Key. We can’t be in two places at once.


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  1. Sixsixeight with be whooping with joy at your pick O king , if she can tear herself away from the wildlife in the Windies for long enough, for hers is the Mark Davies Appreciation group on facebook and she has been championing his cause for some time (and has his shirt to prove it).

    He, very sensibly, has several nicknames, including Davo and Bob – which has led to an outbreak of cricket/film photoshopping wars within his group – so far we’ve had The Italian Bob, Married to the Bob, Lavender Hill Bob, The Bobfather, …bloody hell there’s millions more…

  2. Are you 100% sure that Mark Davies exists, KC?

    He appears to me like the cricket world’s imaginary friend; he’s spoken about a lot but for some reason or another he never turns up when I am around.

  3. Wooping for joy!!!!!!!!!! KC how could you!! You know what happens to our Mark when you pick him! Last year you didn’t and he actually appeared on cricket pitches all year long. And took wickets – 11 for 75 etc!!! I believe he remained uninjured the whole season!!!!!!!

    England needs him – and what do you go and do…… It’s just as well I have loads of jolly nice reposardo tiquila care of Barbados duty free to calm me down!

  4. Hey Ged – if you were planning on seeing him at Lords – Guess what?

    From the Durham website today: ‘Mark Davies is expected to return to action in the next few weeks after sustaining an injury during the England Lions Tour of New Zealand earlier in the year.’

    Happy now KC?

  5. We’re never happy.

    Circumstance and events play little part in that outlook.

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