England one day performances against West Indies

England might not be the best 50 over side and they might not be the best Twenty20 side, but take them on at Fifty46.2, Fifty20 or Twenty-nine29 at your peril.

They’re producing stunning performances in some of the newer formats.

This evidence is scant enough to draw far reaching conclusions about the upcoming Ashes series that England surely cannot now lose.

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12 Appeals

  1. KC, Monty tells me that during the final one-dayer with the Windies, you wouldn’t share your chicken wings with him.

  2. They’ll be hoping for rain.

  3. King Cricket

    April 4, 2009 at 2:11 pm

    That’s actually true, Miriam. How in the name of Key do you know that?

  4. I am in communion with all cats of the world.

  5. KC, you’re right. All Australia will be cowering, and it’s all thanks to one of their own, John Dyson. Oh, the irony.

  6. It’s always the way. We invent the games, other countries destroy us. We were actually the best in the world at Twenty20 until other teams started playing it.

  7. Long live King Strauss. I have advocated this guy for the captaincy ever since it became patently obvious that Vaughny could not maintain batting form and captain at the same time ( about 1 game into his reign). I cannot remember anyone since Gooch who could captain and not only merit his place in the side but lead from the front aka M. Taylor, S. Waugh, R Ponting etc

    On another note, I cannot understand all this chat that frequently rears its head about how T20 is a new concept and we invented it. Any cup game I played at school was 20 overs aside and we didn’t play any differently to an all-day game i.e. slog across the line whenever possible! It has been around for ages and is nothing new. Having said that, there is something comforting and shivalrous about the way we invent games and then let everyone else kick our arse at it.

  8. Ever considered a career in politics, KC, given the ability you have to draw the conclusion you want from scant and irrelevant evidence? Classic!!

  9. He’s obviously right, though. How do you explain the Aussies getting thumped today? Steyn and Parnell’s new ball spell, or seeing England scape past the Windies and knowing that they can’t dream of holding on to the Ashes this year?

    Clearly it can only be one thing.

  10. What’s “new” about Twenty20 is not the format, it’s the idea of scoring runs. As has been said here many times before, in my day a decent twenty over score was 67. I used to open the batting in a twenty-over mid-week cricket team, and in one match against the local clergy our captain came out with an instruction that next ball I should either knock my own bails off or start hitting a bit. I chose neither, and went on to compile a very satisfying 13 from twelve overs (no fours, no sixes).

  11. Well done Bert!

  12. Bert – that’s proper cricket is that.

    ps no strauss in twenty20 world cup squad.


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