West Indies fill the gap

The West Indies will tour England next year, kindly helping the latter fulfill their Sky television obligations.

A spokesperson for the West Indies Cricket Board may or may not have said:

“We’re honoured to be the ECB’s third choice after Zimbabwe and then Sri Lanka. Since winning the Stanford Twenty20 thing, our players aren’t even that bothered that they’ll miss a few IPL matches.

“In fact, the scheduling of this tour is magnificent. England’s tour of the West Indies only finishes in April, so maybe we could, like, share planes or something. I don’t know. I’m sure we can sort something out though.”

This ‘we’re not STILL playing them’ style of scheduling, where you play the same team home and away in succession, ihas been widely adopted ever since everyone got more and more into England v New Zealand this year and not at all bored with it towards the end.

Australia and South Africa are doing the same as well. Not for the first time.

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3 Appeals

  1. come off it, there’s no way the West Indian digi- stanford wireless eleven would ever share a plane with those England paupers. They’ll be travelling by private jet, sipping kristal whilst on the sat phone to shady brokers.

  2. Just wondering who will turn up for the matches – anyone without a juicy IPL contract I suppose

  3. THere’ll be no Chris Gayle, no Shiv, or Sarwan.. I think a couple of their bowlers are in it too..

    So it’ll be a second string West Indies side. Fuck they must be bad, if the first string are only just about ranked 7th in the world!

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