England ask for some commandos to look after them when they tour India

Don’t know about you, but having commandos around wouldn’t relax us. It would put us distinctly on edge.

This news just about gives us an excuse to publish this:

Imagine having one of these in the house

Ed sent it to us ages ago for a completely different reason. We asked him if he’d done it at work.

“Damn right I did it at work – I’ve got better things to do while I’m at home.”

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8 Appeals

  1. His face needs a good wash, Ed, as you suggested in your last post about the watch.

  2. Kp has never looked better ….

  3. I have to say that Action Men are decidedly lacking in some material aspects (I know this because of Jamie Robinson’s Action Man’s failed liaison with my Barbie dolls). Not that I am suggesting of course…

  4. Ceci, I seem to remeber that, while some Action Men were indeed found wanting in the middle stump department, my Action Man had blue plastic undies that couldn’t be removed. They worked a bit like a chastity belt.

  5. I have no desire to see KP, nor any of the England team, going commando.

  6. Well – not KP obviously but…

  7. Ceci, surely you are not suggesting that Barbies ARE suitably equipped to cope with well-endowed Action-men?

  8. Ceci + Barbie + sharp implement…

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