England v India at Bangalore – where’s your money?

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We watched a match in Bangalore once

Ours is theoretically in the bank. We’re going to go down and ask to see it one day. We have our doubts that it’s actually there.

In terms of betting, if we could be bothered, we’d bet on India for today’s match at Bangalore. It’s not so much the benefit of home conditions as home scoring.

In a low-scoring game, we’d reckon on England beating India most of the time. In a high-scoring game, only one team’s in it.

For England, any score over about 280 is just incomprehensible and they have no clue how to pace their batting. They’re like aggrophobics asked to run a marathon. They can tell you how many steps it is from the kitchen sink to the settee but give them 26 miles in a row and they’ll set off at a sprint or a walk.

They’re not a bad team at all, it’s just that high scores are completely foreign to them. 300? 350? 400? These are just ‘big scores’ to English batsmen. The Indians can distinguish between them.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. I would like to disagree. Yes, why not, England are going to triumph magnificently. Providing the Indian top 5 give their wickets away in the first ten overs.

  2. “I don’t really count Yardy.”
    “Well…he’ll bowl surely?”
    “Yes, he’ll bowl, but I don’t really count him”

    Gotta love TMS. To be honest I don’t really count Yardy as a batsman either. Except in computer game cricket, of course.

  3. I left a fair chunk of my money in Hyderabad.

    Good timing on Daisy’s and my part, to get back from India & Sri Lanka just in time to…see this match on the TV.

  4. P.S. What’s with the new look site, KC?

    …and is it merely coincidence that my little icon shares my style of hand-gestured talking, though I hope not much physical resemblance in other ways?

    1. It’s EXACTLY as I pictured you, though. So I’m a fraction disappointed that you are implying that you don’t look like that in real life.

  5. Ged, I hate you (may be hate is a stronger word, envy you perhaps). I haven’t been to my city in nearly 3 years.

  6. Strauss and co. are proving you wrong right now. They might lose, or they might win, but they certainly are going about the chase in the right manner.

  7. Well, well, well. Looks like England do know to distinguish.Did you check Strauss’s O-levels in Maths?

  8. Well there you go. India really needed those extra 12 (perhaps even that final short run).

    And on the topic, when has strauss become so good at ODIs ?

  9. Andrew Strauss played one of the best ODI innings I’ve ever seen him or anyone play. And made a laughable decision regarding power-play that, well, wasn’t very surprising.

    A 49th over by Yuvraj instead of Piyush would’ve sealed an Indian win. Bopara in place of Colly in the line-up today would’ve sealed an English win.

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  10. “A 49th over by Yuvraj instead of Piyush would’ve sealed an Indian win.”

    That is exactly what my brother said before Piyush bowled and I thought Piyush was the better choice having the wronguns and all..

    Apparently, I am not the cricket expert in the family. Perhaps not even in the room (and I am alone in my room).

  11. It was a pretty easy decision, really. Wickets were not a priority at that stage, dot balls were. And Yuvraj bowls quick, full and straight, something the tail-enders would always have a problem with.

    But it is a just result, really. It was a magnificent knock by Strauss, and it’d have been a shame if it had ended up in a losing cause.

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