Andrew Flintoff’s hat trick against West Indies

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One-day hat tricks tend to be fun rather than jaw dropping, but it’s still very good to see Andrew Flintoff taking wickets.

For all Flintoff’s good bowling, wickets are too rare and there needs to be more of this. We made two rather obvious conclusions after the big man dismissed Ramdin, Rampaul and Benn last night.

  1. Andrew Flintoff should bowl at the bloody stumps a bit more often – in all forms of the game.
  2. For all that shorter balls and even length balls have their place, they often just set the scene and it’s the full ball that gets the wicket. Steve Harmison, take note.


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  1. I see where you’re coming from with the Harmy comment (I’m not so confident he has enough control to decide where the ball actually goes), but to be fair, I think Freddie has been one of the best bowlers at tail enders in the world for a while now.

    The trouble is, anything on middle and leg to a half decent batter goes for four nowadays which is why you don’t get many stump-to-stump bowlers in all forms of the game.

    I met a lovely Brazilian girl called Dani tonight. Think I might introduce her to the indiocycracies of cricket.

  2. I suggest you establish your credentials with Dani first, Benno. Keep your eye on the ball. Play stright.

    Or when bowling, as KC says, bowl full, bowl straight.

  3. Forget Dani, I would be interested to learn more about the cycracies of Indian cricket.

  4. Congrats Benno – sure you’ll hit her for six, and I am sure, like Freddie you can bang it in hard.

  5. Can I state at this point I am a born again Flintoff fan?

    I know a couple of Brazilians who like cricket – so I’m sure your on to a winner there Benno!

  6. A Brazilian eh? Well it might not be suitable for a quickie because there’ll be no grass on the wicket.

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