Adil Rashid, Yorkshire: first-class bowler to watch in 2010

The general feeling about Adil Rashid is that maybe everyone should just let him play a bit of cricket.

England helped his development no end last season by keeping him out of the majority of Yorkshire’s matches so that he could not play for them instead. Occasionally they let him bowl a single over before the captain, in keeping with English attitudes to leg-spinners, took him off and brought on someone to bowl flat, non-spinning finger-spin instead. Once in a while, he bowled well, at which point they dropped him.

Adil Rashid hit 387 runs at 77.40 last season, you know. Let him bat more. Let him bowl more.

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3 Appeals

  1. This is a big season for Adil Rashid….

    I personally feel he is a useless bowler and much better batsmen and fielder!!!

    However, he can improve with the ball too……

  2. Totally agree. Let Rashid get in some overs and he will hopefully recover form and confidence.

  3. As a footnote to my previous comment on Rashid, he is also one of my dozen cricketers to watch this season. Part 1, players 12-7 and Part 2, players 6-1 What do you make of my 12?

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