Phil Mustard: one-day wicketkeeper-batsman to watch in 2010

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Phil Mustard clears the nostrilsSo much of what’s wrong with English cricket can be seen in the never-ending debate about wicketkeepers. First-class cricket’s too weak to show who’s best and because there are so many counties and therefore so many candidates, no player gets much of a run.

We are no better informed than anyone else about all of this, which is precisely our point – it’s nigh-on impossible to be well-informed with the information we have to go on. Nevertheless, one wicketkeeper we liked when he appeared in one-day matches for England was Phil Mustard.

Phil Mustard was the second-highest scorer in the Pro40 last year and it’s all 40-over stuff in 2010. Phil Mustard doesn’t know he’s supposed to be playing as an attacking opener in these matches; it’s just what he does. That’s what we like about him. Plus, wicketkeepers HAVE to open the batting in one-day matches.


Mike Gatting wasn't receiving the King Cricket email when he dropped that ludicrously easy chance against India in 1993.


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  1. We could have guest this, couldn’t we? What next? Umpire to watch – Peter Willey?

    Good Northern grit KC. Love it. And it annoys all the southerners.

  2. I think what’s happened here is that KC has surreptitiously split his website in two – King Cricket Northern Edition and King Cricket Southern Edition. While we here are all being asked to watch Ernie ‘Igginbottom and his pals, readers of the southern edition are being told about the England prospects of Rupert Farquharson-Smythe and his chums.

    One upshot of this split is that the other lot won’t read about a championship winning team for several decades to come.

  3. What about us Midlanders?

    I get very confused when all this north/south divide stuff starts up.

    I’m a Warwickshire fan, I lived in Birmingham for 20 years, Hull for three, London for three and I’ve just moved to Surrey.

    Who am I?

  4. It’s a good question, Sam, and one that we’ve all been asking about The Midlands for many years.


    Tomorrow – Steve Harmison tipped as a promising hit the deck bowler.

  6. Have any other Southerners noticed that it’s always the Northerners who start on about a North/South divide, I wonder why that is ? if you think we bother about that you’re mistaken, we are far too engrossed in sneering at each other to notice anything happening North of Brum. Personally I save all my hatred for Surrey, Kent and Hants, who are ‘Durham’ by the way ?

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