Phil Mustard unconventionally fields a Pietersen drive

Phil Mustard - doesn't have the look of a man who'll retire to a job in The CitySo Phil Mustard’s dropping the balls into the bowling machine and Kevin Pietersen’s driving the ball. Pietersen gets hold of one and Mustard takes it in the face.

Anyone who’s so much as held a cricket ball in their hand will be wincing ever-so-slightly at that. Mustard’s had to go to hospital with a broken nose.

We’re no doctor, but it looks rather like Phil Mustard might have had a similar experience before. That’s wicketkeeping though. It might look fun to dive around all day, but bats in the face and balls in the balls are an occupational hazard standing up to the stumps.

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1 Appeal

  1. ….and an additional hazard of wicket keeping is very smelly hands apparently.

    I expect KP will now be visited by the wicket-keepers’ curse and will be out stumped or caught behind..

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